moving forward


Moving Forward is a half-hour, inspirational television program that airs weekly – where I present biblical principles of success and emphasize practical steps that lead to the next level. In the show, I interview guests from diverse backgrounds with amazing breakthrough stories and experiences from both the business world and religious community. Our show will boost your faith and motivate you to break out of the rut and cycle of stagnation. Furthermore, it will challenge your mindset, build your confidence, give you an edge in the marketplace, and set you up to succeed in life.

Moving Forward can be seen on God TV in the United States and abroad as well as on Isaac TV in 72 countries around the world. 

My guest Dr. Freda Barnett-Braddock discusses how education changed her family’s lives. She and her mom received their bachelor’s degrees at the same time, proving that it is never too late to go back to school! Freda went on to finish her PhD, and she is now Program Director for CSU and Waldorf University. This episode will encourage you no matter where you are in your educational journey.

My friend Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winner singer Nicole C. Mullen was my special guest on this week’s episode of Moving Forward. She shares her passion for God’s redemption, extending a special invitation to her women’s conference, “My Redeemer,” that I have the honor of speaking at. Everyone who registers to the conference can apply for a scholarship to Waldorf University. One scholarship recipient will be chosen from those who register for to this conference and apply for the scholarship. Go to www.myredeemerevent.com for more information and to register today.

Do you know that the Bible has answers for dealing with disappointment with leadership? Watch this powerful episode of “Moving Forward” as Solomon and Michelle Ofori-Ansah and I dig deeper into the lives of men and women from the Bible and apply the lessons they learned to leadership issues in our lives.

Do you realize that your mindset could be keeping you in a rut? It could be keeping you from going as far as you want to go in 2019. In the first episode of Moving Forward for 2019, my co-hosts Solomon and Michelle Ofori-Ansah and I discuss the impact of your mindset on your life. So much of your life depends on how you think about it, and simply changing your mindset from a fear- or worry-based mentality to one of faith and trust in God will change your life!

This new year, don’t stay the same! In the latest episode of Moving Forward, my co-hosts Solomon and Michelle Ofori-Ansah and I discuss how to move forward into success and get to the next level in the new year. It’s time to look at where we are and where we want to be this year. Let’s get ready for 2019!

Have you ever wondered how to make Christmas more spiritual? My friend Rebecca McCollough, co-host Michelle Ofori-Ansah, and I discuss the importance of making God a bigger part of your Christmas celebrations in the latest episode of my TV show Moving Forward. We also answer the question of how to make Christmas memories that will last for your family by sharing some of our personal family memories. It’s a fun episode you won’t want to miss.

My guest, Rebecca McCollough, my co-host; Michelle Ofori-Ansah; and I discuss Rebecca’s story of God’s intervention in her life as a single mother. She is now a happily married businesswoman and inspires you to believe that successful parenting is possible!

My guest, Mark Lee; my co-host, Solomon Ofori-Ansah; and I discuss how you can launch your career, business, or ministry. Pastor Mark shares the way you can move from the idea phase into a fully-formed vision and purpose.

I had the privilege of ministering in Brazil about breakthrough, changing your mindset, and entrepreneurship. Solomon and Michelle Ofori-Ansah and I share the impact of this trip on our lives and how it can impact yours.

This episode of Moving Forward is a must-see! Solomon Ofori-Ansah and I talk to Wilt Bernard, a native of Trinidad and Tobago and a graduate of Vision Leadership Institute. He shares his powerful testimony of God’s grace that helped him overcome poverty, crippling depression, and anxiety. Stay tuned to the rest of the episodes as they discuss the needs of millennials in the marketplace.

This episode features an interview with Apostle Gale Sheehan, the Director of Christian International Apostolic Network. Tune in as we discuss his multi-faceted transitions between marketplace and ministry.

In this episode of Moving Forward I am joined by Solomon and Michelle Ofori-Ansah. We discuss some exciting new life & career enrichment courses that are now available. For more information on this course, visit https://www.columbiasouthern.edu/foundations 

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? I talk with my friends, Tom and Jane Hamon, on Moving Forward about how to understand and use this strategic tool. Don’t miss this important episode!

Dr. Tim Hamon with Christian International and Vision Leadership Institute joined me in my TV studio to discuss Marketplace Ministry. Christian International was a pioneer in teaching that ministry is not just found in the church; every Christian is a minister and can impact the world for God. Learn more about marketplace ministry in this powerful episode of Moving Forward.

My dear friends, Tom Hamon and Jane Hamon from Vision Church and Christian International, shared their experiences from years of successful ministry as a married couple.

Have you met my brother, Robert Mayes? He is an amazing man, the CEO of Columbia Southern Education Group, and he has a lot of wisdom to share. On this episode of Moving Forward, we talk about “Running with the legacy” and discuss the intentional way we set up our values and culture here at Columbia Southern.