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My Trip to Brazil

I was asked to be in a conference called Modeladas. It was the 10th-year anniversary of this event. All states from Brazil were represented, and it was an amazing time.  My daughter, Brooke, also attended to work for me and to speak to the teens @Modeladasteensoficial.  She spoke about anxiety and being free from what others think about you.  She also spoke about how to accept yourself and like yourself.  She had an amazing time, and I believe that she made an impact on the girls. You can follow her on Instagram: @brookecooley_.

I spoke to the women leaders of Brazil who have ministries.  It was a beautiful time with tea and refreshments.  I felt that God really showed me that these female leaders were going to be the people who would create the environment for God to use them to change Brazil.  They are amazing women with a passion and a seed of greatness in them that is ready to be used.  We all have something inside of us that is sitting there ready to go.  Often times, we push it down and convince ourselves that it is not time, or it is too hard to do that, or we simply lose our faith that God could use us in that way.  I spoke about how it is time to take back what the devil has stolen from us.  It is payback time, and we should expect nothing less.  As warriors, we look forward to defeating the devil daily.  We know who we are as women, we know our purpose as women, and then we go after our purpose as women!  I am getting excited all over again!

Abraham had to have faith to go after his inheritance.  I am sure that he questioned God about many things before he went after his inheritance. He was like you and me.  We have tendencies to want signs that this is God, but we have to know that God wants to use this time in your life as an act of faith to press on without signs or even directions.  “Just go,” he said to Abraham.  As Abraham started walking, God gave him provisions along the journey to help guide him and give him reassurance that this is the way to go.

Remember, we are good enough!

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