Being mentored is one of the key ingredients to success. For me, I would not be where I am today if I had not had mentors giving me advice during pivotal moments in my life. I think if you do not have a good support system or team behind you, then you risk possibly making wrong decisions that could detour your dreams. Mentors in your life give you the boost you need when you are in a slump and need someone to remind you that you have what it takes to be a successful leader. They can also give you advice when you are at a crossroads in your life and need guidance. For me, mentors are gifts from God in my life. I cannot tell you how many times I needed someone on the outside of my situation, someone who was not emotionally invested in the details, to bring clarity into a situation where I was so consumed by it that I could not even see the way to move out of it. Another reason we need mentors is to see what resources they read and listen to in order for us to add valuable information to our daily lives.

These mentoring tools will give you a cutting edge of revelation in personal, family, and business areas of your life. I think it is a powerful tool when you have access to a short video or even a short blog to read, where experiencing that content may provide you an “ah ha” moment that you needed. Mentors can also give you practical advice on your business decisions, running a business, promotion tools, and just life advice as you approach new crossroads. We must always move forward in life even if it’s at a crawling pace.

Seasons in our lives are always coming and going. Each season brings something new to view and learn. We must first learn how to enjoy each season and experience the full value that it offers us. These mentoring sessions will show you my personal experiences of how I grew in the corporate world, starting from age 19. I am excited to push you forward and help you go after your dreams!

Identifying Your talents

Going Undercover for God

Identifying Blind Spots

Facing Your Failures

Joshua's Leadership Lesson

The Process of Life

The Story of David

Zoning in on Your Talents​

Psalm 1

Transitions in Leadership

Psalm 23

Mentors in Your Life

Lessons from Joshua & Caleb

David & Saul

The Importance of Wisdom

Stand on the Word

Inheritance Scriptures

Warriors in the Land

Identity & Vision

Identity & Vision, Pt. 2

We are Overcomers