Education is so important to me, which is why I have partnered with Columbia Southern University to develop courses that deliver proven strategies to hone leadership skills and motivate others. These self-paced, online courses can be taken anywhere in the world at your convenience, and any organizational partners and their families can take these life- and career-enrichment courses for free.


For Success

A diploma gives you a good platform to pursue a career, but to be successful, you need to have more: a great work ethic, confidence, determination, social and communication skills, etc.  My Foundations for Success course will help you identify and fill the cracks in your foundation and equip you with the skills you need to be successful in your career.

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Servant Leadership is one of the most powerful and effective leadership models. It can give you great influence over your team and help you accomplish great tasks. This course provides you with the tools you need to lead yourself well and to help you harness the skills, talent, and devotion of those you lead by helping you to become a successful leader—whether at home, at work, in the church, or in the community.

Use promo code: SUCCESS to take this course at no cost.



A 10-week, self-paced course offered through Columbia Southern University, “Building Your Team” addresses major concerns surrounding leadership in the modern work environment. This course prepares students to not only lead successful teams, but also to collaborate with their teams in meaningful ways such as co-leading, conflict management, leadership isolation, customer service and delegation.

Use promo code: SUCCESS to take this course at no cost.

building your team



I am a firm believer in higher education and helping people change and improve their lives, so we now offer educational partnership programs and opportunities with tuition benefits for individuals and their families.

Tuition Discounts

Individuals who apply to either Columbia Southern University or Waldorf University are eligible for a 10% Tuition Discount. Simply select the learning partnership “Chantell Cooley” when submitting an application.

Organizations can also establish their own learning partnerships directly with Columbia Southern University and Waldorf University. This allows anyone from your staff or their family members to have the same 10% Tuition Discount at either university. Email us for more information about becoming a learning partner of Columbia Southern University and/or Waldorf University.